Personal Broker of Fine Vintage, Classic, and Special Interest Autos. 


TheMotorClub21 will market and sell your classic auto while you keep control of your car. 


Our Service:

We make the process of buying and selling special interest cars pleasant and professional, first by taking the burden of buyer-hunting away from the seller by making all the contacts and fielding all the questions. Also, we filter out the scammers and bargain hunters from the serious buyers. Finally, we provide you with the contact information of the serious buyers so you can remain as anonymous as you wish.  All information you provide to me is held in confidence, including your bottom price.  We can negotiate with a potential buyer according to your agreed parameters, but the final decision is made by you.


Please also see: TheMotorClub21 Customer Agreement


How it works:

There are three methods used to sell your car:


1) Through a network of personal contacts that we are continuously developing, we bring interested buyers together with the cars they seek. In some cases, we find the special car for the buyer.


2) Web listing: All cars listed with TheMotorClub21 are added to the website at no charge.  If your car sells because of exposure on any of the multiple website, a 6% commission applies.  Because of our affiliation with the Buzz Trader and its many auto websites, all cars on TheMotorClub21 get full web exposure on ALL affiliate sites.  That number is currently 50 and growing.  It is a pretty good deal, you have to admit!  See The Power of 50+


3) Some cars are well suited to the auction environment.  In this case, we can list your car on eBay Motors where is gets mass exposure to a worldwide audience.  We write up the listing, including at least 25 photos, maintain and manage the listing for the full term of the auction.  If we agree to list the car on eBay Motors, we do ask for the payment of $75.00 prior to the listing to cover the eBay fees charged to us.



Except for eBay fees described above, we do not ask for cash up front. We ask a modest 6% commission of the final selling price after payment for your car is cleared.  It is, therefore, in our best interest to sell your car quickly and for the best market price.


A word or two on "Market Price"

Buy low, sell high is the phrase we always hear.  Nowhere is it more true than buying and selling in the classic auto market - the seller always wants to sell for the highest price and the buyer always wants to buy at the lowest price.  As a car owner, you know all the time, love, and money that has gone into your creation or restoration and you sure aren't going to sell all that chrome for the price of polished aluminum; but the marketplace is fickle and is driven only by desire.  It is driven by the desire of buyers and their willingness or unwillingness to pay.   You are the person to set your selling price or the price you are willing to pay, and all there is left is the bargaining in between.  I will never tell you at what price you should sell, that is entirely your decision, but I will be open about what I think "most" buyers will pay in the marketplace.  A sale is made when these two forces come together in the marketplace.  Everybody gives a little, but then the seller gets cash (or a trade) and the buyer gets his or her dream machine.  It all works out pretty well in the end. 



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We do accept links to other sites which are carefully chosen to reflect what we believe to be our customer's interests and that also limit use of annoying and intrusive ads.  We cannot, however, be responsible for what other web sites do and encourage, as always, to be cautious when visiting any website. 

If you have concerns or questions, please address them to call us at 803-370-6354




Thank you for entrusting TheMotorClub21with the sale of your classic.





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