TheMotorClub21 pledges to represent each vehicle fairly and honestly, but encourages professional inspections on all purchases.  TheMotorClub21 cannot be held liable for inadvertent errors when describing a vehicle if a buyer chooses to forego an inspection.

Please note that while TheMotorClub21 makes every effort to comprehensively and accurately describe each vehicle we post, it is inevitable that elements will be inadvertently missed.  Details are gathered with the assistance of the owners and, for those cars in our proximity, our own observation.  We cannot, however, thoroughly inspect each car. We may not, for instance, be able to determine in all cases if the vehicle has been repainted or if there have been some aftermarket parts used to replace original parts, or if some original parts are missing. We are conscientious in our determination to be as thorough as possible, but some vehicles will require the buyer's personal inspection or third party professional inspection by an expert to uncover some specific details regarding either the cosmetic or mechanical condition. Vehicles that are beyond a reasonable driving distance require the cooperation of the owners to photograph and describe their own cars.  We do provide basic questions for the owner to answer and we also request photos of the title to assist us in the verification of the vehicle.  These owner's description then make up the listing.  TheMotorClub21 cannot be held liable for deliberate or accidental misrepresentation by the owners. As in all cases, TheMotorClub21 encourages buyers to inspect the car before buying. Thank you.