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TheMotorClub21 gathers no information from visitors other than a count of visits which is displayed on the Home Page.  Nor do we EVER share, trade, or sell any information about any customer except what the customer explicitly agrees to share.   A part of our service as a private broker is specifically to protect your privacy.


We currently have no advertising and we do not nor will we ever have pop-ups. 


We do accept links to other sites which are carefully chosen to reflect what we believe to be our customer's interests and that also limit use of annoying and intrusive ads.  We cannot, however, be responsible for what other web sites do and encourage, as always, to be cautious when visiting any website. 

If you have concerns or questions, please address them to   or call us at 803-370-6354



Thank you for entrusting TheMotorClub21with the sale of your classic.




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