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Why Sell your Classic Through TheMotorClub21:

Yes, you have heard or even had the personal misfortune of consigning your classic 1170791602with one of the many sites who offer to sell your car for you.  But then you have to give them money, and worse, maybe even send them your car to keep in their showroom until you have to pay them again to continue selling your car.  What is their incentive to sell your car if they've already been paid!? At TheMotorClub21 we ask for no money up front for the opportunity to sell your car.  Furthermore, you keep the car with you, in your garage.  Drive it, polish it, enjoy it, even take it to car shows or cruise-ins if you like.  We place no restrictions on your use of your car while we market it.  After all, it is your car until you sell it.  You will be asked only to allow serious potential buyers to inspect your car by appointment and at your convenience.  On occasion a paid third party may be asked to inspect your car for a potential buyer, but again this is by appointment only and at no cost to you. 

To list with us, please call or email and we will explain how to proceed




Commission - Where's the catch, you ask?    Well this is our business, so we do seek a commission.  TheMotorClub21 asks a 5% commission of the final selling price after the sale.  We get paid when you get paid. We think this is fair and reasonable, and believe you will agree that the friendly and hassle-free experience is well worth it.  


Termination fee - In lieu of a no-compete agreement required by most other consignment services that prevents you from advertising or selling your car on your own, TheMotorClub21 does require a termination fee of $100 should you sell your car yourself while we list your car. Quite a lot of time is spent and expenses are incurred in the marketing of your car. This $100 fee is considerably less than a normal 5% commission and only covers some expense. 

Consider your own potential cost of advertising in local classifieds, Hemming's, Auto Trader,, or any number of internet sites that charge a wide range of prices.  Factor in your time to list and manage these ads. Then think of all the late night calls from people who want to buy your car for nothing after telling you all the things wrong with it.  We believe you will agree that this $100 is a bargain.


Please ask about commission discounts on collections.  

 TheMotorClub21 can market -

  • The sale of an individual car
  • All or part of a personal or estate collection
  • Autos available through build or maintenance shops
  • Estate Autos

We may also be able to offer auction services in certain instances.

Please also see About Us and Written Customer Agreement for more detailed information.

It also costs you nothing to call or write. We have no hard-sell tactics


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