TheMotorClub21 Customer Agreement
You will note that except for eBay listing fees, TheMotorClub21 charges no fees up front.  Nor do we restrict your own marketing of your car.  Our 5% commission is fully half of what other brokers and consigners charge.
Our Agreement:
With your consent and at no charge, TheMotorClub21 will list your car(s) on and selected additional websites at our discretion with full details that you and we will collect together.  TheMotorClub21 will take approximately 30 - 40 photos, write up and post, and manage the listing and direct all serious inquiries to you, according to your directions.  You will set the price, though we reserve the right to elevate that amount both to cover our 5% commission and to allow room for negotiating.  We will notify you in writing via email of the addresses of all listings and alert you to all serious inquiries and significant changes to the listing.  We may, from time to time, request additional information as necessary based on inquiries from interested parties. 
Note: For customers who are not within a reasonable driving distance from Rock Hill, SC, we may request that you take digital photos of your car or enlist another to assist in this.  In this situation, TheMotorClub21 will also depend on your own accurate and complete description of the car for our listing.  It is always important to fully disclose all the faults with your car as well as the many positive points so buyers will know exactly what they are buying. Few classic cars are perfect, so inevitably, there will be some issues with your car.  The buyer will see the car soon enough, so better to share those faults in advance.  Neither TheMotorClub21 nor any of its associates will be liable for incomplete or innacurate information provided to us.
Inspections: TheMotorClub21 generally recommends an independent inspection for any car bought sight unseen, but will urge buyers to use professional inspections on cars not seen by a representative of TheMotorClub21. We will in all cases alert buyers when we have not inspected the car ourselves.   
We will not share your personal information with anyone without your expressed consent and under strict parameters relating to the sale of your cars.  Unless otherwise agreed, we will collect contact information for you from potential buyers allowing you to contact them.
Evaluating cars is more of an art than a science. Some models have a large track record and the market price is fairly clear, while the pricing of other models is less obvious. On the basis of my best research, we will suggest a price range for each car.  The lower end will reflect the price where we can sell your car more quickly at a fair price, whereas the higher range will necessarily require more time to find the person passionate enough to pay the higher price.  We can discuss this before setting the price and should be re-evaluated periodically until your car is sold.  It may be that the price will need to be lowered over time and there is no guarantee either that your car will sell within any predetermined period, or that you will be able to sell at the desired price. 
We will discuss the possible benefit of placing your car on eBay.  If this occurs, we require $75.00 up front per car to cover eBay fees charged to TheMotorClub21.  EBay also charges an additional Final Value fee of $40.00 after a car is sold, but we do not charge for that.
Payment upon the sale of your car is made directly to you in cash or other instrument.  In the case of non-cash payments, the buyer is clearly instructed that delivery of the car and original title may be taken only after payments clear the bank.  Cashier's checks or personal checks or money orders may not be presented upon pick up with the expectation by the buyer of driving off with the car.
Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, though some cooperation by TheMotorClub21 and the seller will be necessary.  We will gladly recommend a shipper and assist as necessary in the pick-up and delivery of your car. 
We agree that TheMotorClub21 commission of 5% of the final selling price is due immediately following cleared payment.  TheMotorClub21 does not require a no-compete agreement, as many consigner's do, thereby allowing you full control of your car and the freedom to sell to whom you choose.  After we list your car and begin marketing it, should you then sell your car to a buyer not produced by us, we ask for a $100 termination fee to partially cover our cost of marketing. We can then also remove your car from all websites.
Duration of Agreement:
There is no fixed duration of this agreement except "until sold." If either of us chooses to terminate this agreement for any reason before a car is sold, it will not be understood negatively, but only that the process had not to date, led to the sale of the car(s).  I do not and will not place restrictions on your independent marketing of your cars, however I do request that you notify me promptly of other methods you may employ and alert me if you have a buyer.  This is important so we are not both selling the same car to multiple people.
Tom Martin
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